Date Wednesday, 17th April
Time 7pm
Price £13
Age 14
SupportsC.F. Boneslum
 Junior Dayvis
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Mike Tramp, the legendary White Lion singer, songwriter, and front-man, stepped out on his own for the first time in 1995, and began his, now 23 year long, solo career. With 10 consistent quality solo albums to his name, and with the 11th released in early 2019, Tramp has never strayed from his path, and is charging forward with confidence, and not looking back.

As someone who has gambled his life and given his heart and soul to rock n roll, Tramp is philosophical when pondering what rock n roll has given him in return. “To me it is my lifestyle, a pair of glasses that I view life through, a pair of boots that take me to where I want to go and a religion that allows you freedom to follow your heart and do what you want.”

Mike Tramp – “a life of no limits, rules or compromises”.